Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to jobs on

You must have a job seeker profile on to apply to jobs through the site. Once you’ve created a full profile, you’ll be able to apply to jobs using the “Apply” button while logged in. Before completing your application, you will be prompted to select the documents including a resume to submit with your application. Any jobs you apply to will then say “Applied” in a grayed out button where the “Apply” button once was.

How do I upload documents to my profile?

Go to the 'Resume' tab on your profile, click 'Choose File' under the type of document you want to upload, select the document, give it a name, and click upload! After a document is uploaded, you can make it your default by clicking 'Make default' to the right of the document name. Remember that PDF is the only accepted document type.

Which resume will recruiters see on my profile?

If you’ve applied to a job, the recruiter who receives the application will only be able to view the documents you selected when you submitted your application. If a recruiter is running a search for a specific job seeker and views your profile, they will only be able to view the documents you have set as your defaults.

Why can’t I upload my resume?

Only PDFs can be uploaded to in the documents section. All other formats including Microsoft Word will no longer be accepted by the site. This is to preserve the format and information of your resumes and other documents.

How do I create a job seeker profile on CJ?

All you need to do to create a job seeker profile is to click the button below and complete your profile.