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Donor Communications Officer

Do you have prior experience in direct mail fundraising?

Have you coordinated direct mail projects from start to finish?

Are you at your best when you’re spinning five plates at once?

Are you a data management guru with a perfectionist’s attitude?

If these questions read like your biography, the Leadership Institute wants you to apply for the role of Donor Communications Officer. This is a full-time position working at our headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. We are looking for someone with experience in direct mail fundraising who can jump right into coordinating with vendors, managing data, and executing direct mail projects.

Ideally, we want a candidate with strong, relevant experience in direct mail fundraising.

About the Leadership Institute:

The Leadership Institute (LI) is a non-profit organization with the mission of creating strong conservative leaders for America. Conservatives from across the country attend LI’s more than 54 types of trainings. Graduates of LI training include Congressmen Jim Jordan and Byron Donalds, culture warriors James O’Keefe, Kat Timpf, and Lawrence Jones, and many more conservative powerhouses you probably know of – but didn’t know they got a head start with their Leadership Institute training.

The Leadership Institute’s most ambitious effort yet is currently underway, and we need your help to keep up the momentum. LI’s ‘Leaders for America’ strategic plan began last year with the goal of creating 70,000 strong Leaders for America by the end of 2024. This is the perfect time to join the LI team and build your career as we build a strong conservative movement.

Your Skills:

  • Detail-oriented and data-hygienic: You know that if you fumble-finger the keyboard and accidentally credit a donation to “Mr. John Smith” instead of “Mr. Joe Smith,” that seemingly small error can and will snowball into a big problem, destroying relationships with donors.
  • Tech-savvy: You have experience with a database like Salesforce and manipulating data in Microsoft Excel, you have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office (especially Outlook and Word), and you’re comfortable with instant-messaging apps, like Slack.
  • You enjoy analyzing and organizing data: You’ll spend a lot of your time generating, manipulating, and analyzing reports in Excel. Much of this data will be exported from Salesforce. Experience with Salesforce is a major advantage, but not required – you’re a fast learner.
  • You’re personable both on and offline: You know how to interact well with others, as you’ll collaborate with your fellow Donor Communications teammates, LI employees from other departments who you’ll collaborate with, the vendors you’ll communicate with daily, and the Leadership Institute donors you’ll see touring our headquarters and at LI events.
  • You over-communicate: With multiple projects being handled at once, proactively communicating information is crucial. You don’t wait to be asked for a status update because you’ve already given your team a heads up.


Job Description:


The Donor Communications Officer is assigned duties crucial to LI’s direct marketing program, like:

  • Oversight of the production for direct mail projects. This means organizing data (including names and addresses of people to receive mail), talking to vendors about the project’s timeline and price, and making sure deadlines are met (like the deadline for sending the data to the vendor).
  • Example of a direct mail project: Sending a specified segment of LI donors an invitation to an LI-hosted event. The Officer would request estimates on the invitations from vendors, send the data (names and addresses) to the vendor, send the final design to the vendor, and make sure all deadlines are met.
  • Creating reports and dashboards to view project performance and analyze data for future projects and deployments.
  • Generating and organizing mass data for mailings. This means generating a report with specific parameters in Salesforce, exporting the report to Excel, and sorting the data in accordance with each project’s specifications.
  • Managing relationships with vendors. You’ll work with several companies who help LI send mail, and maintaining these relationships is make or break.
  • Routinely performing data-hygiene tasks, like maintenance of our donors’ information to make sure communications go to the right person at the right place flawlessly.
  • Creating spreadsheets of cost breakdowns for direct mail projects by aggregating invoices from vendors and entering the costs into spreadsheets. This is critical to determine the success of a mailing because it allows us to calculate the revenue to expense ratio.

Required Travel:

Travel is not required for this role.


Salary is dependent on experience. A generous compensation package consisting of healthcare (premiums paid by the organization), retirement, and transportation benefits is available. Additionally, performance bonuses may be issued as the organizational goals are achieved.

To apply:

Please apply for this position on by filling out the Public Policy Questionnaire and attaching your resume and cover letter.

Please indicate your desired salary range in your cover letter. We want to hire the most experienced, best-fit person for this role and give generous compensation commensurate with your skills.