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Leadership Institute career trainings offer you an opportunity to learn the skills to succeed in a variety of career paths. You’ll learn from successful professionals who will not only train you, but give you chance to build your network.

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Here are the career trainings the Leadership Institute currently offers:

Back to Basics: Learn to Succeed in Your Job Search (also available online)

A compact, but comprehensive training to teach you the core skills of how to build your resume and cover letter, network, interview, and negotiate your salary.

Capitol Hill Staff Training School

At the Capitol Hill Staff Training School, Capitol Hill veterans, including chiefs of staff, will teach you how to highlight your personal strengths to appeal to those who do the hiring. You could join the hundreds of graduates of the Institute who work in congressional offices on Capitol Hill and throughout various organizations within the conservative movement.

Civil Service Opportunity School

No longer should conservatives allow liberals to monopolize the bureaucracy. Learn from top Washington insiders how to break into the liberal dominated Civil Service. The Leadership Institute’s Civil Service Opportunity School teaches you how to get a job and succeed in the Civil Service.

Conservative Career Workshop

Learn about different paths in the Conservative Movement. Whether you dream of working on the Hill, in a think-tank, or for a non-profit, this workshop will teach you the skills needed to succeed on your career path. Our expert faculty will teach you how to highlight your personal strengths to appeal to those who do the hiring.

Conservative Intern Workshop

The Conservative Intern Workshop is designed for those desiring an internship in D.C. or for those who already have one. Learn how to take advantage of your time interning in our nation’s capital. Remember, most job opportunities result from internship experiences. Be a few steps ahead of the pack, and stand out from the rest.

Effective Legislative Hearing Workshop

The Effective Legislative Hearing training will cut through the confusion and teach conservatives how to organize an effective legislative hearing. This training helps Members of Congress and their staff maximize results during the entire hearing process from start to finish.

Foreign Service Opportunity School

The Foreign Service Opportunity School has prepared many people to pass the U.S. Foreign Service exam and gain entry to the diplomatic corps. School faculty explain the complex testing process and teach you how you can improve your chances to become a professional Foreign Service officer. A heavy emphasis will also be placed on other careers in the field of international relations.

How to be a Pundit

Conservative thought leaders have written compelling books, appear on television regularly, and have a global brand. The Leadership Institute has helped many people like Matt Lewis, Cabot Phillips, Kat Timpf and more get there. At How to be a Pundit, one of these leaders, Matt Lewis will teach you how!

Journalism Career School

Journalism is an ever-changing field, and the opportunities to make an impression, whether it is online, on television, or in print, are limitless. Whether you want to be on television, or pursue a career as a writer, the Journalism Career School will give you the tools to succeed.

Management 101

At Management 101, the Leadership Institute will teach you key skills all new managers should know. Learn how to understand and shape your personal leadership style, recruit a strong team, set goals, and delegate projects effectively.

Staff Leadership Workshop

The seminars will cover the art and science and practice of providing advice to the decision maker. The staffer will learn the steps in the Staff Leadership Workshop: the presentation of a path to solve a problem. At the conclusion the attendee will learn how to provide well thought-out support to the leader to accomplish organizational goals.

Thank Tank Opportunity Workshop

At the Think Tank Opportunity Workshop, expert faculty will teach you how think tanks operate from the inside and what you can do to successfully find and build a career in major research organizations across Washington D.C. and beyond. Whether you are new to your career, hoping to shape public policy, or considering how you can transition into a think tank, this workshop will help you succeed.

Written Communications Workshop

LI's Written Communications Workshop is intended for writers in print and online media. This workshop teaches professional writing techniques required on Capitol Hill, for publication, and for many jobs in public policy organizations.